Cutting the Kindergarten Bully.

“Mom, why doesn’t he get in trouble & if I did what he does, I’d be in SO much trouble?” How do I explain to my 6 yo that the kid is a legit ASSHOLE? NOT to mention, so is the school at that point. Allow me to elaborate briefly: My son is was in Kindergarten in a “highly rated” public school right next to our neighborhood. EVERYONE raved about this school & I just figured I’d end up doing […]

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Cutting My Fluff.

NOBODY TRULY knows how hard it is for me to keep my mouth from getting me into “trouble”. Quite frankly, I am over the “getting into trouble” phase. I walk THE finest line between what I “should” be saying vs what I actually say. I am 36 years old & struggle with this so I can only fathom the torment my 6 & 2 year olds feel! This is NOBODY imposing some 1940 rule upon me but rather a simple […]

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Do you know that today, I was privileged enough to experience what it’s like to witness 6o children (ranging ages 5-10) to pull together something more moving & beautiful than anything I’ve probably ever paid an obnoxious amount of money for as a ‘VIP” ticket holder to the most popular of all concerts? For 10 minutes, I may have actually witnessed what it would potentially be like to take part in a beautiful Disney movie in the most gripping of […]

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