Let’s face it-EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US ARE FUCKING WALKING ZOMBIES…maybe you’re one of the lucky few who have ZERO clue as to wtf I am talking about? MAYBE, you’re someone who has been thinking that (secretly) & until this VERY second just hadn’t yet admitted it so it wouldn’t be “real”? OR you could be JUST LIKE ME. ODDLY, I feel like I am actually somewhere in that “middle” 🤔😮. We are TIRED AF, we feel like shit regularly, […]

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Cutting My Fluff.

NOBODY TRULY knows how hard it is for me to keep my mouth from getting me into “trouble”. Quite frankly, I am over the “getting into trouble” phase. I walk THE finest line between what I “should” be saying vs what I actually say. I am 36 years old & struggle with this so I can only fathom the torment my 6 & 2 year olds feel! This is NOBODY imposing some 1940 rule upon me but rather a simple […]

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Cutting the Mom Guilt:

Kids are actually quite forgiving & quite resilient little beings. Lucky for us! I have been through A LOT of therapy. One of my all time most favorite therapists always told me something long before I became a mom but to apply to life in general: NOTHING good EVER comes from guilt! So, what are we to do to possibly avoid this inevitable feeling & emotion? I say, we first accept exactly what I just said-it’s inevitable. We are human. […]

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Against The Grain.

I have this dream of grandeur. You’d think it would be me dreaming of things most of us wish for-a vacation, stumbling upon some pennies from heaven, someone allowing for me to design their home on an unlimited budget (my personal heaven) or perhaps even a shopping spree! Nope. E. None of the above. To quote my most favorite Disney Princess, Ariel: “I want more!” Only in this case-it’s TRULY not much to ask. It’s just that for me-it is. […]

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